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Specialist vans can be extremely difficult to come across, however we have an extensive range of specialist vans with a variety of dedicated features, including chiller vans, freezer vans and even sandwich vans. It is important to make sure that, when buying specialist vans such as these, you check everything is in good working condition. Here at Anchor Vans we have a strict pre-delivery inspection that is carried out by our trusted in-house mechanics who are not only extremely qualified, but highly skilled. In most cases our vans will undertake a full MOT and cam-belt change. When delivered, if you are not happy with your purchase, we offer a money back guarantee.

If you are interested in a particular type of specialist van but can’t see it on our website, feel free to call us on 0118 9710 230, or pop into our showroom in Padworth to speak to a member of staff that may be able to help.

Make / Model Mileage Year Price Sort
Ford Connect YH09 UBA YH09 UBA Ford Connect

Sport SWB 110 Bhp Air Con Alloys NO VAT

Miles 82,083
Year 2009
82,083 miles 2009 £7,350 No VAT Lease / buy from £36 pw +VAT 1
Ford Transit CX11 YJS CX11 YJS Ford Transit

SWB 115 Bhp Tdci Limited LTD Air Con Alloys NO VAT

Miles 53,414
Year 2011
53,414 miles 2011 £11,995 No VAT Lease / buy from £59 pw +VAT 1
Ford Transit FT13 AGZ FT13 AGZ Ford Transit

Sport SWB 140 Bhp Tdci Air Con Alloys NO VAT

Miles 7,938
Year 2013
7,938 miles 2013 £18,995 No VAT Lease / buy from £94 pw +VAT 1
Ford Transit LX11 XEY LX11 XEY Ford Transit

MWB Medium Roof 115 Bhp Tdci Sapphire

Miles 50,782
Year 2011
50,782 miles 2011 £11,650 + VAT Lease / buy from £58 pw +VAT 2
Ford Transit BL11 CYJ BL11 CYJ Ford Transit

Dropside Tdci 13 Foot 6 Ally Body Tail Lift 6 Speed NO VAT

Miles 57,662
Year 2011
57,662 miles 2011 £16,995 No VAT Lease / buy from £84 pw +VAT 8
Renault Trafic FL58 ZNM FL58 ZNM Renault Trafic

SWB Dci Quickshift Automatic Alloys and Twin Doors NO VAT

Miles 69,814
Year 2009
69,814 miles 2009 £8,995 No VAT Lease / buy from £44 pw +VAT 1