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Specialist vans can be extremely difficult to come across, however we have an extensive range of specialist vans with a variety of dedicated features, including chiller vans, freezer vans and even sandwich vans. It is important to make sure that, when buying specialist vans such as these, you check everything is in good working condition. Here at Anchor Vans we have a strict pre-delivery inspection that is carried out by our trusted in-house mechanics who are not only extremely qualified, but highly skilled. In most cases our vans will undertake a full MOT and cam-belt change. When delivered, if you are not happy with your purchase, we offer a money back guarantee.

If you are interested in a particular type of specialist van but can’t see it on our website, feel free to call us on 0118 9710 230, or pop into our showroom in Padworth to speak to a member of staff that may be able to help.

Make / Model Mileage Year Price Sort
Mercedes Vito PN58 HLD PN58 HLD Mercedes Vito

Sport LWB 120 Cdi Air Con and Alloys 204 Bhp

Miles 75,884
Year 2008
75,884 miles 2008 £10,995 + VAT Lease / buy from £54 pw +VAT 5
Mercedes Vito DK08 YMW DK08 YMW Mercedes Vito

Traveliner V111 XLWB Bus Automatic Alloys NO VAT

Miles 86,072
Year 2008
86,072 miles 2008 £12,995 No VAT Lease / buy from £64 pw +VAT 7
Mercedes Vito GD10 COH GD10 COH Mercedes Vito

Dualiner Sport 200 Bhp LWB Auto with Air Con and A

Miles 42,211
Year 2010
42,211 miles 2010 £16,495 + VAT Lease / buy from £82 pw +VAT 7
Nissan Interstar WW64 NRD WW64 NRD Nissan Interstar

Freezer Van 120 Bhp

Miles 10
Year 2014
10 miles 2014 £25,495 + VAT Lease / buy from £127 pw +VAT 0
Nissan Primastar SG09 BNX SG09 BNX Nissan Primastar

LWB 115 Bhp Dci SE Plus Automatic with Air Con NO VAT

Miles 60,312
Year 2009
60,312 miles 2009 £7,995 No VAT Lease / buy from £39 pw +VAT 3
Renault Trafic TF07 NXP TF07 NXP Renault Trafic

Crew Van LWB Plus Pack Air Con NO VAT 6995

Miles 92,982
Year 2007
92,982 miles 2007 £6,995 No VAT 7
Vauxhall Astra DV08 ZTL DV08 ZTL Vauxhall Astra

Sportive Cdti Automatic with Air Con and Alloys NO VAT

Miles 65,126
Year 2008
65,126 miles 2008 £6,495 No VAT Lease / buy from £32 pw +VAT 0
Vauxhall Astra RJ61 VYZ RJ61 VYZ Vauxhall Astra

Sportive X Pack 125 Bhp Cdti SE Air Con 1 Owner

Miles 61,452
Year 2012
61,452 miles 2012 £8,995 + VAT Lease / buy from £44 pw +VAT 0
Vauxhall Vivaro DG12 YSJ DG12 YSJ Vauxhall Vivaro

Sportive Crew Van SE LWB (SOLDcp)Air Con Alloys Na

Miles 23,984
Year 2012
23,984 miles 2012 £13,650 + VAT Lease / buy from £68 pw +VAT 7
Vauxhall Vivaro EX61 DVK EX61 DVK Vauxhall Vivaro

Sportive Crew Van SE LWB Air Con Alloys NO VAT

Miles 38,559
Year 2011
38,559 miles 2011 £13,995 No VAT Lease / buy from £69 pw +VAT 7
Volkswagen Caddy LM05 EVT LM05 EVT Volkswagen Caddy

Crew Van Alloys Rear Spoiler Running Boards NO VAT

Miles 54,113
Year 2005
54,113 miles 2005 £3,995 No VAT 5
Volkswagen Transporter WR06 JYP WR06 JYP Volkswagen Transporter

LWB 4Motion 130 Bhp Tdi Air Con (SOLDmd)and Alloys

Miles 87,320
Year 2006
87,320 miles 2006 £10,995 + VAT Lease / buy from £54 pw +VAT 3
Volkswagen Transporter VA61 CPX VA61 CPX Volkswagen Transporter

LWB 140 Bhp Tdi 4Motion Plus Pack Electrics

Miles 77,091
Year 2012
77,091 miles 2012 £14,995 + VAT Lease / buy from £74 pw +VAT 3
Volkswagen Transporter NA61 ZXE NA61 ZXE Volkswagen Transporter

Kombi Crew Van 140 Bhp Tdi Plus Pack Air Con and Alloys

Miles 61,392
Year 2011
61,392 miles 2011 £16,850 + VAT Lease / buy from £84 pw +VAT 7