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Make / Model Mileage Year Price Sort
Mitsubishi L200 RJ55 ASX RJ55 ASX Mitsubishi L200

Warrior Double Cab Crew Cab NO VAT

Miles 120,471
Year 2005
120,471 miles 2005 £2,995 No VAT 8
Nissan Navara FT04 PLX FT04 PLX Nissan Navara

Double Cab Crew Cab Di Air Con Alloys Canopy Top N

Miles 76,022
Year 2004
76,022 miles 2004 £4,650 No VAT 8
Nissan Navara PX06 UDE PX06 UDE Nissan Navara

King Cab Double Cab Dci SE Air Con NO VAT

Miles 100,833
Year 2006
100,833 miles 2006 £7,350 No VAT 8
Vauxhall Astra KD55 BYW KD55 BYW Vauxhall Astra

Sportive Cdti Air Con Electrics and Alloys NO VAT

Miles 100,797
Year 2005
100,797 miles 2005 £2,650 No VAT 0
Volkswagen Golf - HV02 XOK HV02 XOK Volkswagen Golf -

(Not 4 Sale) GT Tdi 5 Door Hatch

Miles 127,000
Year 2002
127,000 miles 2002 £2,850 No VAT 0