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All bargain vans listed below are being advertised on behalf of Tadley Trade Centre Ltd.

Tadley Trade Centre offer an extensive range of budget vans and cars at un-beatable prices specialising in providing bargain used vans at rock bottom prices, ensuring affordable motoring for small businesses.

To maintain the best possible prices Tadley Trade Centre only sell to business users (sole traders, partnerships and limited companies).

For more information please click on a van below or contact Tadley Trade Centre directly on 0118 9829 110 or 07789 260 111 (Out of Hours).

Make / Model Mileage Year Price Sort
Ford Connect EU55 HTK EU55 HTK Ford Connect

SWB Tddi Side Door Air Con Alloys NO VAT 2650

Miles 103,519
Year 2005
103,519 miles 2005 £2,650 No VAT 1
Isuzu Rodeo GN06 YSF GN06 YSF Isuzu Rodeo

Denver Max Double Cab Crew Cab 4x4 NO VAT

Miles 95,692
Year 2006
95,692 miles 2006 £5,995 No VAT 8
Mitsubishi L200 H7 GFJ H7 GFJ Mitsubishi L200

Warrior DbleCab Crew Air Leather NO VAT 5495

Miles 88,337
Year 2005
88,337 miles 2005 £5,495 No VAT 8
Mitsubishi L200 GU06 FOD GU06 FOD Mitsubishi L200

Trojan Double Cab Crew Cab Lethear Air NO VAT 5650

Miles 82,451
Year 2006
82,451 miles 2006 £5,650 No VAT 8
Nissan Navara DG07 ATX DG07 ATX Nissan Navara

Aventura Double Cab Crew Cab NO VAT

Miles 161,000
Year 2007
161,000 miles 2007 £5,995 No VAT 8
Volkswagen Caddy AD07 APU AD07 APU Volkswagen Caddy

C20 Sdi Side Door and Alloys VW NO VAT4450

Miles 88,921
Year 2007
88,921 miles 2007 £4,450 No VAT 0
Volkswagen Caddy LM05 EVT LM05 EVT Volkswagen Caddy

Crew Van Alloys Rear Spoiler Running Boards NO VAT

Miles 54,113
Year 2005
54,113 miles 2005 £3,995 No VAT 5
Volkswagen Golf - HV02 XOK HV02 XOK Volkswagen Golf -

(Not 4 Sale) GT Tdi 5 Door Hatch

Miles 127,000
Year 2002
127,000 miles 2002 £2,850 No VAT 0