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All bargain vans listed below are being advertised on behalf of Tadley Trade Centre Ltd.

Tadley Trade Centre offer an extensive range of budget vans and cars at un-beatable prices specialising in providing bargain used vans at rock bottom prices, ensuring affordable motoring for small businesses.

To maintain the best possible prices Tadley Trade Centre only sell to business users (sole traders, partnerships and limited companies).

For more information please click on a van below or contact Tadley Trade Centre directly on 0118 9829 110 or 07789 260 111 (Out of Hours).

Make / Model Mileage Year Price Sort
Ford Connect S55 THH S55 THH Ford Connect

SWB Tddi Side Door NO VAT

Miles 100,966
Year 2003
100,966 miles 2003 £1,995 No VAT 1
Ford Connect PE10 NZM PE10 NZM Ford Connect


Miles 79,937
Year 2010
79,937 miles 2010 £4,950 No VAT 1
Ford Transit HJ60 XAP HJ60 XAP Ford Transit

SWB 115 Bhp Tdci Trend Electric Pack NO VAT

Miles 86,514
Year 2010
86,514 miles 2010 £7,650 No VAT 1
Ford Transit RJ61 LJC RJ61 LJC Ford Transit

SWB 260 Tdci Side Door Electric Windows NO VAT

Miles 79,008
Year 2011
79,008 miles 2011 £7,995 No VAT 1
Peugeot Expert MF11 WMK MF11 WMK Peugeot Expert

L1H1 120 Bhp Hdi Professional Air Con 6 Speed NO VAT

Miles 103,616
Year 2011
103,616 miles 2011 £5,995 No VAT 0
Peugeot Expert KE60 EJZ KE60 EJZ Peugeot Expert

L1H1 SWB Professional Air Con NO VAT

Miles 100,886
Year 2011
100,886 miles 2011 £5,995 No VAT 1
Peugeot Partner CV09 BPO CV09 BPO Peugeot Partner

600 KG Professional Hdi Side Door Air Con NO VAT

Miles 74,656
Year 2009
74,656 miles 2009 £3,450 No VAT 0
Renault Kangoo HN10 FXE HN10 FXE Renault Kangoo

ML19 85 Bhp Dci Plus Pack Side Door NO VAT

Miles 92,751
Year 2010
92,751 miles 2010 £3,850 No VAT 0
Vauxhall Astra L8 EWT L8 EWT Vauxhall Astra

Sportive Cdti Aiir Con 6 Speed NO VAT

Miles 90,154
Year 2007
90,154 miles 2007 £3,650 No VAT 0
Vauxhall Vivaro VN57 UBO VN57 UBO Vauxhall Vivaro

SWB 115 Bhp Cdti Side Door 6 Speed NO VAT

Miles 77,676
Year 2008
77,676 miles 2008 £5,995 No VAT 1