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Make / Model Mileage Year Price Sort
Fiat Ducato RN55 ONB RN55 ONB Fiat Ducato

LWB Hdi High Roof Grand Volume NO VAT

Miles 133,893
Year 2006
133,893 miles 2006 £3,250 No VAT 3
Ford Transit EO05 ONJ EO05 ONJ Ford Transit

LWB High Roof Tdi 350 NO VAT

Miles 115,566
Year 2005
115,566 miles 2005 £3,995 No VAT 3
Mercedes Sprinter SB57 FPC SB57 FPC Mercedes Sprinter

MWB 311 Cdi High Roof 6 Speed NO VAT

Miles 103,754
Year 2007
103,754 miles 2007 £6,995 No VAT 2
Renault Master HV60 AVP HV60 AVP Renault Master

MWB Medium Roof Air Con Sat Nav New Model NO VAT

Miles 118,882
Year 2010
118,882 miles 2010 £6,995 No VAT 2
Volkswagen Transporter SW56 HHD SW56 HHD Volkswagen Transporter

LWB 130 Bhp Tdi Medium Roof 6 Speed VW NO VAT

Miles 120,647
Year 2006
120,647 miles 2006 £6,850 No VAT 3