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Volkswagen are well known for their dedication to dependable, powerful engineering and keeping your commercial vehicle on the road is a chief priority at all times. With a comprehensive range of hard working vehicles that will get you to the job quickly, reliably and on time, whilst providing the accessibility and versatility you require, there may be no better solution for you and your business than a used Volkswagen van.

Here at Anchor Vans, we’re proud to deliver a complete service, starting with a thorough refurbishment programme and pre-delivery inspection for your used vehicle. Our extensive warranty and friendly, professional service, coupled with our enormous range, no matter what you require, Anchor Vans have a solution for you. Give us a call today to find out more or view our entire Volkswagen range below.

Make / Model Mileage Year Price Sort
Volkswagen Caddy RA07 XSK RA07 XSK Volkswagen Caddy

C20 Sdi Plus Pack Air Con VW NO VAT3995

Miles 95,728
Year 2007
95,728 miles 2007 £3,995 No VAT 0
Volkswagen Caddy TNZ 7230 TNZ 7230 Volkswagen Caddy

C20 Tdi Alloys Leather Seats Running Boards VW

Miles 71,818
Year 2010
71,818 miles 2010 £7,850 + VAT Lease from £39 pw +VAT 0
Volkswagen Caddy EX11 NJN EX11 NJN Volkswagen Caddy

C20 Maxi Tdi 102 Bhp Air Con Plus Pack VW NO VAT

Miles 48,610
Year 2011
48,610 miles 2011 £8,350 + VAT Lease from £41 pw +VAT 0
Volkswagen Caddy LG59 PFY LG59 PFY Volkswagen Caddy

C20 Maxi LWB Tdi Auto DSG (SOLDcp)Air Con VW NO VA

Miles 70,230
Year 2009
70,230 miles 2009 £8,350 No VAT Lease from £41 pw +VAT 3
Volkswagen Caddy LM05 EVT LM05 EVT Volkswagen Caddy

Van Alloys Rear Spoiler Running Boards NO VAT

Miles 54,113
Year 2005
54,113 miles 2005 £3,995 No VAT 5
Volkswagen Crafter RA57 LOH RA57 LOH Volkswagen Crafter

CR35 MWB Tdi High Roof VW Electric Pack NO VAT

Miles 84,000
Year 2007
84,000 miles 2007 £8,995 No VAT Lease from £44 pw +VAT 2
Volkswagen Crafter DG62 CDU DG62 CDU Volkswagen Crafter

CR35 LWB Tdi High Roof Bluemotion 6 Speed VW

Miles 44,218
Year 2012
44,218 miles 2012 £14,995 + VAT Lease from £74 pw +VAT 3
Volkswagen Transporter EA08 ZLU EA08 ZLU Volkswagen Transporter

SWB 102 Bhp Tdi Plus Pack(SOLDwg) Air Con VW NO VA

Miles 68,901
Year 2008
68,901 miles 2008 £10,450 No VAT Lease from £52 pw +VAT 1
Volkswagen Transporter KV08 KPY KV08 KPY Volkswagen Transporter

LWB 130 Bhp Tdi Plus Pack Air Con 6 Speed

Miles 78,777
Year 2008
78,777 miles 2008 £10,995 + VAT Lease from £54 pw +VAT 3
Volkswagen Transporter VA61 CPX VA61 CPX Volkswagen Transporter

LWB 140 Bhp Tdi 4Motion (SOLDwg)Plus Pack Electric

Miles 77,091
Year 2012
77,091 miles 2012 £14,995 + VAT Lease from £74 pw +VAT 3
Volkswagen Transporter VK08 CWJ VK08 CWJ Volkswagen Transporter

Kombi LWB 130 Bhp Tdi Air Con 6 Speed VW

Miles 95,778
Year 2008
95,778 miles 2008 £11,995 + VAT Lease from £59 pw +VAT 7
Volkswagen Transporter RV13 UFE RV13 UFE Volkswagen Transporter

Shuttle LWB 140 Tdi SE DSG Air Con NO VAT23000

Miles 26,953
Year 2013
26,953 miles 2013 £23,000 No VAT Lease from £115 pw +VAT 7