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Your search matched 3 vans out of a total of 544 used vans for sale.

Small used vans are extremely popular as their smaller size still enables them to be of great use to those in a number of industries, where a van is needed on a much smaller scale. The running costs of them are likely to be much cheaper than larger vans, making small vans a great choice.

We have a number of different makes and models, so if you are looking for something specific or are looking for a uniformed finish for a fleet of small vans, we should be your first port of call. We understand that everyone has a different budget, which is why we ensure that we have a variety of vans across the board, to cater for these financial needs.

So if you are looking for the perfect small van for you, look no further than us here at Anchor vans. Browse our collection below, or call us on 0118 9710 230 to speak to an advisor.

Make / Model Mileage Year Price Sort
Vauxhall Astra C11 AJG C11 AJG Vauxhall Astra

Sportive X Pack 150 Bhp Cdti SE (SOLDsg)Air Con NO

Miles 83,714
Year 2010
83,714 miles 2010 £6,995 No VAT Lease / buy from £34 pw +VAT 0
Vauxhall Astra FE13 XPP FE13 XPP Vauxhall Astra

Sportive 110 Bhp Cdti Air Con Electrics NO VAT

Miles 44,864
Year 2013
44,864 miles 2013 £9,750 No VAT Lease / buy from £48 pw +VAT 0
Volkswagen Caddy P12 HFB P12 HFB Volkswagen Caddy

C20 Tdi Startline with Air Con (SOLDjg)and Sat Nav

Miles 12,762
Year 2013
12,762 miles 2013 £11,850 No VAT Lease / buy from £59 pw +VAT 0