Anchor Vans Internal News – January: Sailing into 2016

16 February 2016, 2:37 pm

Farewell January. We can’t say we are sorry to see you go, the evenings are getting lighter, the snowdrops are popping up and the new year’s resolutions bit the Anchor Vans gravel weeks ago.

The biscuit tin is firmly set to stay, the gym passes – what gym passes? And the six pack is where it ought to be – in the fridge getting nicely chilled.

However hard it is to stick to them, here at Anchor we do make one resolution easy to keep, and lots of new (used) vans, mostly Transits (who’d have guessed) were shipped out to their new captains in January. The New Year, New Van resolution is here to stay.

Raising the 2016 sail and cruising ahead of the racing fleet, salesman Colin was first into port very closely followed by shipmate Steve M, well done boys – grab yourselves a biscuit and cast off into February.

Anchors Away!