Holiday Policy

7 October 2021, 2:39 pm

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Except where otherwise agreed by the company, the following provisions on holiday entitlement will apply:

All employees will be entitled to 20-days holiday with pay.

When joining the company, you will be entitled to one-twelfth of your annual holiday entitlement for each completed calendar month of service, between your date of engagement and 31st of March in your first year of service, rounded up to the nearest half day.

If you leave the company for any reason, you will be entitled to payment in lieu of holidays earned but not taken, at the rate of one twelfth of your holiday entitlement for each completed month of service in the year in which you leave. If you have already taken more than your paid holiday entitlement, a deduction will be made from your final wage or salary payment, amounting to the difference between paid holiday and your entitlement at the time of leaving.

Holiday pay will be calculated on your basic wage or salary. Sales executives can elect to receive any agreed minimum holiday payment on the understanding that the basis of their remuneration is the sales executives commission scheme and that any advance is recovered over subsequent months.

The holiday year follows the company’s financial year and runs between the 1st of April and the 31st of March. Entitlement cannot be carried forward from one year to another.

Whilst we attempt to meet everyone’s holiday requirements, it is not always possible since we need to ensure that the company is adequately staffed during the holiday period. We therefore need to insist that holidays are only taken at times mutually convenient to the company and yourself. It is therefore recommended that you agree your holiday dates with your manager as far in advance as possible.

The need of the business may require that you take some part of your holiday entitlement at certain times of the year. Should this arise you will be given as much advance notice as possible. This may include the Christmas to New Year period.

All holidays should be taken. In exceptional cases a cash payment may be made in lieu of holiday not taken.

Permanent hourly paid workers will also be paid for the following statutory holiday on a pro rata basis: • New Year’s Day • Good Friday • Easter Monday • Early May Day • Spring Holiday • Late Summer Holiday • Christmas Day • Boxing Day

These may be varied by local agreement and other days substituted for them.

If for any reason you are unable to attend at your normal starting time, you must make every effort to inform the company as soon as possible.
Leave of absence on any grounds must in all cases be obtained from your supervisor or manager. If you wish to leave the company’s premises during working hours, you must first obtain permission from your supervisor or manager. Payment will not be made for unauthorised absence.

You will be granted leave of absence if you are requested to attend jury service. You should notify your supervisor or manager of the details as soon as possible. You will be paid in line with prevailing government legislation for all jury service.

Requests for additional leave of absence in special and exceptional circumstances can also be considered. In the first instance you should refer such special requests to your supervisor or manager at the earliest opportunity.

From time to time you may be unable to attend work through sickness. All absences are to be reported, at the earliest opportunity and in person, directly to your departmental manager or the duty manager, even if out of hours. The company has no contractual obligations to make any payment for periods during which an employee is absent through sickness and the statutory sick pay arrangements will apply.