Anchor Vans reducing carbon footprint by 11+ tonnes per year!

Anchor Vans received a Low Carbon Workspaces grant to install solar PV panels, reducing their carbon footprint by 11.4 tonnes CO2e / year*


How were energy savings calculated?


Savings were calculated based on the installation capacity and orientation of the solar panels. The generation of electricity was then considered an energy saving, as less energy would be drawn from the grid supply. The energy saving was converted to a greenhouse gas emission saving using the carbon conversion figure for UK grid supplied electricity, as published by the Government at the date of project installation (May 2022).
Solar PV Output Performance:
Installed capacity = 50 kWp
Orientation = 0 from south
Solar Kk factor = 984
Energy saving:
Annual Savings from Solar PV = 49,151 kWh
Carbon saving:
Carbon conversion UK grid electricity (2021-22) = 0.23112 kg CO2e / kWh
Annual saving = 11.360 tonnes CO2e



*An African Elephant typically weighs 6-9 tonnes!
The carbon conversion figure used to calculate carbon outputs for this project have been based upon the date of installation. For reference, our programme also requires us to apply 2017/18 BEIS CO₂e carbon conversion rates; (0.38443 x 49,151)/1000 = 18.895 tonnes CO₂e. Whilst the methodology used should provide a realistic indication of the CO2e reduction achieved through the stated project, the actual CO2e reduction may differ due to variables such staff behaviour and equipment operating efficiency. Note that kWh figures displayed above have been rounded to the nearest whole number; calculations made to obtain final carbon saving therefore used slightly different figures to those above. Neither Ngage Solutions Ltd nor Buckinghamshire Business First can be held responsible for any actions taken or loss incurred based on the use of the information provided. This certificate is intended for use by the named organisation. It should not be distributed or copied, in part or in full, without prior written consent from Ngage Solutions Ltd.



Awarded by: Daniel Cope Low Carbon Workspaces Programme Manager

June 2022 * Savings methodology on the reverse of this certificate @lowcarbongrant